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Wet Paintbrushes

Hi I'm the canvas guy!

       I have been a free-lance artist

since the age of 12. I love working

in all different mediums and I have

always enjoyed a project!

I have dabbled in just about every 

art form that you can think of; from

drawing and scale model building to prop design and cosplay. I am a huge Star Wars fan and a Star Wars purist when it comes to my personal cosplay. 

My absolute love is airbrush! I began airbrushing 15 years ago and have not looked back since! 

I offer incredible images printed on high quality canvas to use as home or office decor. My creations are airbrush and paint brush rendered as my personal art and then digitized into a file so I can have them reproduced for you as custom prints on genuine canvas. 

If you have a favorite image, actor, etc. that you don't see in my gallery and would like to have me paint it and make a canvas print, reach out to me with your idea and your image!


I'm always up for a challenge!


Peace, love and paint!  

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